Four Common Fetishes

We are all different. This is a fact that sexual fetishes prove that. Sexual fetishes are things most of us cannot explain their origin. However, research has shown that some sexual fetishes can be related to past/childhood experiences translated into pleasurable activities. Fetishes can be related to tickling, pain, humiliation,domination,submission,situations,smells,tastes,clothing etc.

In fact, very few people ever know they have a specific sexual fetish addiction until they meet someone who has uncovered theirs or some through reading articles online. In short, what you might perceive has disgusting is actually pleasurable to others. There are hundreds or thousands of fetishes but below we discuss the 4 most common fetishes;

Four Common Fetishes

1. Spanking

Spanking is a common fetish among men and women. Being spanked or spanking is a pleasurable activity that many engage in during their sexual activities. Spanking involves the elements of humiliation and pain. It shows submission or domination. Spanking to many is just normal and fun, but for fetishists, spanking is just like bending over a woman or a man to discipline them.

2. Welcome to the dungeon.

BDSM is another sexual fetish. It involves the elements of bondage, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism. It can also be related to pain. This fetish is one you might have seen in most porn sites where people use possessive ways such as handcuffs to demonstrate a dominant and a submissive servant.

3. Balloon fetish

This one may sound weird, but it really happens. Some people have balloon fetish. This is where some people enjoy having sex around balloons. Something about the sound or smell or look of balloons just turns them on or makes sex more pleasurable. I know you are now afraid of inviting people to a birthday party; it never gets that serious.

4. Have you actually met my wife?

I know this one sounds like you introducing someone to your wife. However, this is similar. Do you know that there are men who derive sexual pleasure from seeing their woman being banged by another man? This involves humiliation from the wife. A scenario where the wife is telling the man how inadequate he is to the man doing it right now. You may think that this is off the grid, but trust me, some men really want this. The humiliation may be verbal or through the actions of the woman.

The above are some of the common sexual fetishes that some people are practicing today.